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Who can apply?

Every university student from any field of study and from any country can apply to participate in an Academic Days event.


How can I apply?

If you are an ESTIEMer, you have to apply in the portal, like in any other ESTIEM event.

If you are not an ESTIEMer, you have to send an e-mail to leader.academicdays@estiem.org with your motivation letter and curriculum vitae.


How is the selection process?

The selection of the participants is made by evaluating both the motivation letter and curriculum vitae of every applicant.


How much money will I pay?

For every Academic Days event there is a participation fee which you will have to pay in the first day of the event (in most of the cases). This value differs from event to event but it is usually around 50-80 euros for the whole week.


What does the participation fee cover?

The participation fee includes acommodation, all meals, transportation within the event and the content of the event itself.

The participation fee does not include flight tickets or other travel costs to and from the event, visa costs or alcoholic beverages.


Where will I stay?

During the week, you will stay either at hostels or you will be hosted by local members at their homes.


If I cancel my application, do I have to pay the participation fee?

For every event, there is a cancellation deadline after the application deadline. In case of a cancellation, please inform the organisers as soon as possible. If you cancel your application by taking the application deadline into account, you do not need to pay your participation fee. But if you cancel after the deadline, you must pay the participation fee to event organisers. You should be careful with deadlines not to face any problems. 


How does the event look like?

Here is the agenda for Strategy Days, an event held in Aveiro, for you to have an idea of the typical agenda:



What if I have other questions?

Feel free to write to leader.academicdays@estiem.org any time.

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