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The IEM Education Forum offers a platform for exchanging experiences of professors, students and representatives from the industry on an European level. The participants will be around 20 students plus professors and company representatives from all over Europe. Presentations and discussions offer the possibility to talk about the quality of education, teaching methods and the content of the study program of Industrial Engineering and Management. The first edition was held in October 2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany. The focus topic was „Skills Integration in IEM“. The second edition of the IEM Education Forum was at the university of Aveiro in Aveiro, Portugal.

The Focus Topic was :
IEM Education meets the future industry

The world and also the industry are changing fast. To manage the rapid changes, the education has to adapt to the new environment. Companies and universities together can shape future curricula and be involved in teaching students with practical input.

One of the big questions is: How can we integrate companies in shaping our education?

To discuss the opportunities and the feasibility we organise this IEM Education Forum to get insight and to give valuable Best Practices to our IEM Education.



You can find a more detailled description here. If you want to give us some input for the agenda, feel free to approach us via Email (iemforum.education@estiem.org) or the form we created for this.


You can find more information in our brochure:



You can find the outcomes of IEM Education Forum (Aveiro) in our report:



CONNECT | Participants

Bringing together students, alumni, professors, universities and company representatives, and provide them a productive environment for discussions. 

The different universities present are (students and/or professors or other staff):

Participants of the IEM Education Forum

Professor Carina Pimentel (University of Aveiro)

Professor Ana Luísa Ramos (University of Aveiro)

Professor Leonor Teixeira (University of Aveiro)

Professor Andreia Vitória (University of Aveiro)

Prof. dr Srdjan Tomic (University Union - Nikola Tesla, Belgrade)

Doc. dr Tatjana Ilic-Kosanovic (University Union - Nikola Tesla, Belgrade)

Ana Mendes (COTEC)

Professor Anabela Alves (University of Minho)

Pedro Miguel Silva (Deloitte)

André Barbosa (OLI)

Daniel Oliveira (OLI)

Francisco Almada Lobo (Critical Manufacturing)

Professor Maria João Rosa (University of Aveiro)

Professor João Matias (University of Aveiro)

Professor António Teixeira (University of Aveiro)

Professor Trayan Stamov (Technical University Sofia)

Professor Vladislav Ivankov (Technical University Sofia)

Sérgio Caldeirinha (Lean Foundation Portugal) 

Professor Ana Camanho (University of Porto)

Luis Guimarães (LTP Labs)

Joana Paredes (Renault Cacia)

Miguel Hespanhol (Kaizen Institute)

Jorge Silva (SONAE)

Rui Beato (SONAE)

Tiago Seabra (SONAE) 

SHARE | First edition

The IEM Education Forum enable participants to share their experiences, best practices and thoughts about education of IEM students. Since this is a forum of equal participants, all participants are expected to be involved in the discussions. Besides this, some of the participants can give speeches or presentations about a specific topic to share their opinion and best practices.


The Last Edition - Karlsruhe

The focus topic of the last edition was “Skills integration in IEM education”.

Which skills are required from an IEM (Industrial Engineering and Management) student? The first IEM Education Forum in Karlsruhe brought some light in the dark by providing a platform for students, professors, alumni and company representatives from all over Europe to exchange and discuss their experiences and best practices. The aim was to deepen the understanding and the awareness of IEM education of all stakeholders. This enabled improving and shaping IEM education for the future.

The event took place in Karlsruhe Institute of Technology on 6th and 7th of October. The participants are invited to bring their thoughts and experiences to Karlsruhe to share them with the other participants. In return they will go home with a bunch of new ideas and insights about their own studies and future.

You can find the report and outcome here.

PROFIT | Benefits

In presentations, discussions and working sessions the students as well as the professors and universities can benefited from each other. Alumni and companies were supposed to contribute what skills are required for the future. This learning experience helped the participants to shape the understanding of their own studies and thereby encouraged improvement of IEM studies on a local level.
Benefits for Participation

The IEM Education Forum offers you the opportunity to meet colleagues from all over Europe and to share projects. This event is also a platform for discussing the future of IEM Education and educational profiles as well as current and future teaching methods.

Including students and alumni from different universities, we will gather new perspectives on the practices done on Europe. By having the presence of companies‘ representatives during the session, giving insights on the way they are developing ideas, new ideas will emerge to prepare graduates even better for their professional life in industry or research. The direct feedback from all participants allows to collect a great amount of experiences and values.

Through presentations and participation in interactive discussions, you will be able to share and develop the vision and concept of teaching philosophy together with students, alumni and other European educational responsibles. You have also the possibility to present work related to the topic.

Lastly you have the chance to get to know more about the aim of ESTIEM to complement IEM student’s education, by empower Local Groups to have an active role on shaping their curricula and discover other initiatives and events that we offer.


University of Aveiro

Created in 1973, the University of Aveiro (UA) quickly became one of the most dynamic and innovative universities in Portugal.Attended by about 15,000 students on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, the UA has achieved a significant position amongst higher education institutions in Portugal, being one of the top universities regarding the quality of its infrastructures, the strength of its research and the excellence of its staff. 

The UA is a highly regarded institution of research led education, constituted by university departments, research units, polytechnic schools, interface units, and a vocational education network. As it was said, UA as departments and there are 16 of them. These interact with each other according to the interdisciplinarity of the degree programmes they offer and/or the areas of research they share.

About the city

Enjoying all benefits of a large city, Aveiro offers the quality of life of a medium-sized town, being a pleasant place to live and to work in. Located in the Atlantic coast, characterized by extensive sandy beaches, Aveiro is only 10 km away from the beaches of Barra and Costa Nova, easily accessible by car, bus and even bicycle.

The town’s topographic features, mainly flat, allow the use of the bicycle as the privileged means of transportation, both while moving in town, as when travelling in the surrounding region. Aveiro was pioneer in implementing a project whereby bicycles are made available on a free of charge basis for urban use: BUGA – Bicicleta de Utilização Gratuita de Aveiro (bicycle of free use of Aveiro).

Besides proximity to the sea, which allows for several water sports to be practiced, such as sailing, surf and kite surf, the town is further crossed by a Ria channel that confers Aveiro a unique beauty, allowing for boat tours with moliceiros, boats that are characteristic of the Ria de Aveiro, and for another water sport to be practiced: rowing. Night life concentrates mainly in Praça do Peixe and surrounding streets, with a diversified offer of restaurants and bars, attended by students.



Do you also want to know how other universities are organising their IEM studies? Or do you want to try influencing IEM Education in Europe? There is a possibility to join the event or to contribute to the content to the event. If you want to do one of these options, you can fill in this 



For questions, you can reach us at iemforum.education@estiem.org



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