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Discover Europe in 3 Dimensions!

Europe3D events offer the participants the chance to experience European countries in 3 different dimensions: politics, economy and culture.

Europe3D is a seminar series where the participants get a deep insight about the hosting country in three unique dimensions: politics, economy and culture. An environment with a blend of different cultures helps the participants to get a better understanding of basic local parameters existing in the European countries. Lectures given by experts in politics, and economy; combined with trainings about intercultural awareness, provide participants a theoretical insight. With a high level of interactive participation, it is a unique opportunity to start changing your world. 

Europe3D events are open for all students from any field of study in any university all over the world.

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Europe3D Events in 2017 - Past events


Europe3D Norway

Location: Trondheim
Dates: 27th of February to 5th of March 2017
Participation fee: 90€
Application closed
Contact: norway.europe3D@estiem.org

Europe3D Ukraine

Location: Kiev & Lviv
Dates: 28th of March to 4th of April 2017
Participation fee: 75€
Application closed
Contact: ukraine.europe3D@estiem.org


Europe3D 10th Anniversary Germany

Location: Dresden
Dates: 18th to 24th of May 2017

Participation fee: 85€
Application closed
Contact: germany.europe3D@estiem.org





Europe3D Russia

Location: Saint Petersburg
Dates: 11th to 17th of June 2017

Participation fee: 80€
Application closed
Contact: leader.europe3D@estiem.org





Europe3D Greek Edition

Location: Xanthi
Dates: 25th to 31th of October 2017
Participation fee: 80€
Application closed
Contact: leader.europe3D@estiem.org