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3 reasons to join ESTIEM

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Explore Europe

There are many ways to travel in Europe. What makes ESTIEM special is the student aspect. You will come closer to the culture of the country, and discover cities from a whole new perspective. Moreover, as we are all students, we make it as cheap as possible!

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Develop your professional skills

ESTIEM offers plenty of opportunities to develop yourself, including academic seminars, case study competitions, summer academies and trainings. These activities are set in an intercultural context, where you will find that different mentalities challenge your way of thinking. Last but not least, it offers a great chance to improve your English skills.

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Make friends and network

One important value in ESTIEM is to keep an open mind. This not only results in great events, it also paves the way for lasting friendship across borders, and a network of future colleagues.

How to join ESTIEM

Your university is part of the ESTIEM network

If your university is already a member of the ESTIEM network, you simply have to contact your Local Responsible. If you do not know who this is, look up your Local Group. If you have any problems, send an email to help@estiem.org.

Your university is not part of the ESTIEM network

ESTIEM is always looking to expand its network. We are a network of independently-functioning local student associations. If you are a single student withing to take part in ESTIEM, please keep in mind that it would require you to start an IEM association at your university or contact an existing one, as it is the only way to be accepted into our network. 

Additionally, in order to keep the diversity in ESTIEM and not have a certain country over-represented, we do not take all applications for membership into consideration. In the coloured map below, you can find out the current setting for your country. If your country is Green and you are an already existing IEM association or you are willing to start one, send an email to membership@estiem.org for more information on the application process.

If your country is Grey it unfortunately will not be possible to join ESTIEM at this time. However, ESTIEM offers several events that you can attend without being a member. Just take a look at Europe3D, Summer Academy and businessbooster!


Status Colour
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