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Applications to Summer Academies!





Applications are open for all students from any field of study in any university.

Invitations to the Summer Academy events are going to be sent out via the ESTIEM network as well as to other IEM and Engineering student organisations around the world. This will ensure a truly global dimension to the Summer Academy project, something essential in discussions related to leadership and ethics.

The participants are selected based on their interest in the topic and willingness to learn, rather than on previous academic achievements or a ‘first come first served' basis.

Application Procedure

To be participant of Summer Academy, you need to apply for the place.

Therefore it is necessary to prepare a CV, write a motivation letter and email it to the organisers. To ensure the high quality, each of  our Academies have a limited capacity of 14/15 participants.

The Academic Leader of each event will choose the participants based on their motivation letter. ESTIEM has no influence on that decision.

Please send both the CV and the Motivation Letter files in .pdf format to apply.sac@estiem.org

Dates and Deadlines:

  • Participants are chosen over a week after application deadline
  • Payment received during 10 days period after you were elelcted by Academic Leader

If you fail to pay the participation fee over 10 days, you will lose your place and somebody of the waiting list may step in!

So even if you did not get a place in the first time, do not make other plans. There is still a chance to get a place, if somebody else cancels. You will get notified by Project Leader.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • Who can apply?
    • Summer Academy is open for all students from any field of study in any university.


  • How much money will I pay?
    • Participation fee of the events are usually around 90 euros per week.


  • What does the participation fee cover?
    • Participation fee includes the accommodation, food, materials and all activities during the event.
    • It does not include your travel costs to and from the event and visa costs.
  • When will I have to pay my participation fee?
    • You will be asked to transfer you participation fee once you get selected. There is no other fee


  • Where will I stay?
    • The event takes place in a remote and suiting location.
    • Be aware that you might not want to leave afterwards :)


  • If I cancel my application, do I have to pay participation fee?
    • If cancelled before deadline, you won't pay for anything.
    • If cancelled after deadline, we can not return your money.
  • What should I bring to the event?
    • After you are registered, you will receive information e-mails from the organisers regarding to all the details about the event.