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If you need information about ESTIEM or you want to contact us, please send an email to info@estiem.org.

For information about the persons that are leading the organisation this year, you can visit the Central ESTIEM page.

If you have any official information that you would like to send to ESTIEM by post, please send it to:Help Desk

Registration Number: 40240535
p/a Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Paviljoen B-6
5600 MB P.O. Box 513
The Netherlands

For information about our events, lost passwords, or any other problem, please send an email to help@estiem.org.

If there is an ESTIEM Local Group at your university, we recommend you to try to contact them first.

If you would like your university to join our network, send an email to membership@estiem.org.

If your NGO would like to collaborate with us please contact our Ambassador by sending an e-mail to ambassador@estiem.org